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Creative Dare Devils is a blend of the Creative Mind with the Technical Mind

DVD Video/Photo Shows (click here for photo show examples)
  • We prepare a professional-quality "DVD Video Photo Show" from your favorite photographs.
  • These shows tell a story by combining photos, music and even text into a DVD video that plays on your TV.
  • We will scan your photos or use photo files from your digital camera to create your show. We can even add video from your camcorder.
  • We consult with you to select the photographs, music, and any text that you want to use in your DVD Video Photo Show.
  • We create your show onto a DVD that automatically plays when you load it into your DVD player. Or we can create a menu that will allow you to start the show at any time.
  • We can make as many copies as you need for your guests, including those who couldn't attend your event. We also add an attractive label on your DVD with your name, date of event, etc.
  • Photo shows are a great way to entertain guests at wedding receptions, birthday parties, memorials, etc. They make great keepsake gifts celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or other special events.

Web Site Design & Marketing

Visit our new Web Site and Marketing Company, CM Design Concepts
  • Use sound and pictures to sell your products / services.
  • Utilize your web site to reflect any and all changes in your business.
  • Run specials / promotions / coupons from your website.

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