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Examples of DVD Video/Photo Shows

Create a DVD video photo show for your special event such as a birthday party, wedding reception, anniversary, or even a memorial service.

Click on a link below to view a show.
These shows may take a while to load. Please be patient.

The files of the following shows have been reduced for easier downloading so the quality of the photos are not the same quality as on the DVD.

(If you cannot view these shows, or if you would like to view some shows on your TV, then contact us for a sample DVD of shows we have done.)
Listen closely to the music as certain lyrics in the songs matches certain photos.

Wedding Reception
This show was played at the couple's wedding reception. It is a great way to entertain the guests and learn more about the couple.

Memorial Show
Photo shows are an excellant way to make the funeral a memorial event. A DVD copy of the photo show can be given to family members and sent to those unable to attend.

Miss Fallbrook Pageant
When having an event, a show can be a great way to entertain the crowd while the judging is being done. The DVD also makes a wonderful gift for each of the contestants.

Birthday Present.
This show was a birthday present from a mother to her daughter. Photo shows make a great birthday present, celebrating the person's life to that point.

Recognition Show.
This show was done to honor a member for their achievements and volunteerism. It was shown at the event for everyone to know her better.

Memorial Show
Just another Memorial Show celebrating the life of one who has passed away. Uses text to finish telling the story that the pictures don't.

Poway Rodeo Pageant
Another show for entertainment at a pageant.

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